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Monday, 11 November 2013

A Simple BASH Script to Verify Whether A File Exists Under the Specified Path

Time to create an another small and simple BASH script. This time we will check if a file exists under the directory path mentioned by the user. This script will include following steps:

  1. Ask the user to enter the file name.
  2. Ask the user to enter the path to the file.
  3. Check for the READ permission on the specified path.
  4. If READ permission is enabled, check whether the mentioned file exists.
  5. If it exists, tell the user by printing a message on the console.



# Step 1
echo -n Please Enter the File Name under the test: 
read filename

# Step 2
echo -n “Now, Enter the path to the file : ”
read filepath

#Step 3
if [ -r $filepath ]

    #Step 4
    if [ -f ${filepath}/${filename} ]
        #Step 5
        echo Yes!! File ${filepath}/${filename} is Found!!

        echo Sorry, File ${filepath}/${filename} is not found.


# If READ Permission is disabled for the directory
echo Access Denied to the Directory $filepath


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