Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How To : Install and Use Aria2 1.18.3 - A Command Line Download Manager in Linux

    Aria2 is a Open Source, Light weight, Multi-source, Cross-platform and Multi-protocol command line download manager available in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX platforms. It supports wide variety of protocols including HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. With Aria2, you can download any file from multiple protocols and sources with maximum bandwidth utilization to accelerate user's download experience.


  • Lightweight as it doesn't consume CPU memory and CPU time.
  • Supports Multi-connection downloads.
  • A BitTorrent client with all features.
  • Supports Metalink.
  • A good alternative for wget and curl.

Fixes in Latest Version : Aria2 1.18.3

  • Fix crash if unpause failed before assigning BtProgressInfoFile object
  • Enable and check PIE in makerelease-osx
  • Fix bug that numOpenFile_ is not reduced when MultiDiskAdaptor is deleted
    This bug caused assertion error in RequestGroupMan::ensureMaxOpenFileLimit


    For Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian Based Systems:

    sudo apt-get install aria2
    For CentOS/Fedora Systems:

    sudo yum install aria2
    For Manjaro/Arch Systems:

    sudo pacman -Sy aria2
    You can also download the tarball file from the source and compile it.

    Don't know how to use Aria2..? Check out our article Speed Up Your File Downloads Using Aria2 in Linux.


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