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LINUX Worth and Its Advance

LINUX was created in 1991 and it is a well-designed and free operating system. It is built to run simple hardware where real time computing is required and it also functions in huge and super-fast computers. Because of its versatility it has grown in popularity. Different countries use it in their military functions and also in their schools.

    Because it is free and can therefore be modified by any different set of people, it can be manipulated to different environments. For example, if a group of people speak a language that is not so widely used, they can modify LINUX to their language and in this way they make it specific to them. This is something that is not possible with the other operating systems which are not free.

    Today, the popularity of smart phones is amazing and few people will be surprised to learn that the most popular platform that runs many smartphones is a revised form of the LINUX kernel.

    The use of LINUX is far reaching even in the music and entertainment sector.

    Because of its popularity, LINUX is slowly but surely giving Windows and the Mac operating system a run for their money. One reason is because LINUX is steadfast and swift.

    Another reason is the high cost of its competitors. The initial cost of purchase and consecutive additions, for example antivirus programs, that enable the smooth running of the said operating systems make them unattainable for many especially in the developing world. The fact that these operating systems cannot be changed by independent programmers to suit a specific locale makes them very rigid. It is even worse for an OS like Mac which runs exclusively on specific hardware.

    What are the reasons that people should give LINUX a try? First, it is universal. It has in mind both the computer expert and the other general users. One does not need any out of the ordinary skill set to install it.

    LINUX can handle most if not all of the file formats known to man. So anyone wanting to switch to it should not fear that they may not get the best out of their computers task-wise.

    Another misconception is that it is free so it must lack in one way or another. That is highly unlikely because it the result of many worthy minds around the world and out of their contribution that it remains free.

    As we had previously mentioned, the more popular smart devices run, not on Mac operating system, but on a platform that rests heavily on LINUX. This means that LINUX is here to stay even if desktops, which were previously the LINUX main stay, are being phased out. Also, this OS is not only popular with smart devices but it has also branched out and is being used in notebooks such as Acer, firmly solidifying its hold in the market.

    Another great thing about LINUX and its open and free software is that for every Windows based program that it can’t run, there is a free and suitable alternative. There is a software called Wine that can enable a user to still use their Windows programs and still retain their originality. If that still doesn’t rock the boat of the user, he can load both Windows and LINUX on his hard drive and have the option to choose which one to use at any particular time. That is the option that many users prefer.

    What many users prefer on Windows is that it has a myriad of games and therefore convincing a gaming enthusiast of the viability of the LINUX operating system can feel like fighting a losing battle. But, all is not lost. As we had previously pointed out, using a program such as Wine can make a Windows game run seamlessly on LINUX. Also, there are many games that have been created for the LINUX operating system and users should anticipate more.

    Unlike Microsoft and Apple who offer professional help for anyone experiencing trouble with their software that is a luxury that is not offered by LINUX. That does not mean that their users are left to fend for themselves. There are different platforms that are available for people to get answers to their questions. One such way is at One can get a reply to their query in a matter of even seconds. For any additional help, Ubuntu offers a helping hand at a rational price.

    What generally makes LINUX have a small share of the operating system market is lack of knowledge amongst the general population. It is thought to be too difficult to use and therefore a preserve of the experts. Also, many computers come with pre-installed software so that if someone doesn’t know what LINUX is or where to get it, they may never know.

    But with increased promotion of LINUX as a teaching and learning aid in schools this is due to change. More children are becoming computer literate at a younger age and their curiosity is certain to be piqued by LINUX since it is flexible and affordable. The increasing popularity of the android platform will also pave way for the expansion of the LINUX market.


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