Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How To : Install NVIDIA 352.41 Graphics Drivers in Ubuntu/Linux Mint Systems

    The latest version of Nvidia Graphics driver for Linux which is Nvidia 352.41 has been released and is available for download. It comes with plenty of fixes and changes. This article will guide you to install Nvidia 352.41 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint systems.


  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    • GeForce GTX 950 Quadro M4000 Quadro M5000
  • Fixed a bug that caused VDPAU to only display the top half of a video frame when decoding and displaying H.265/HEVC encoded video streams.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if an OpenGL application tried to allocate a drawable when GPU-accessible memory is exhausted.


Remove currently installed graphics drivers.

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
Download the appropriate driver from the source. Here are the download links:
End the graphic session with the appropriate command from the list of commands given below:

# For Ubuntu LightDM [DEFAULT]
sudo service lightdm stop

#For Gnome GDM
sudo service gdm stop

#For Linux Mint MDM
sudo service mdm stop
Make the installer file executable.

chmod +x ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-*
Run the executable installer file.

sudo sh ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-*
This will start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Note : Do not delete the installer file. It will be needed while removing/uninstalling the Nvidia 352.41 driver if it fails to work properly.

To uninstall,

sudo sh ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-* --uninstall


  1. Hi, does this driver work with the new 4.2 Kernel with Linux Mint?

  2. The noveau error..

  3. That does not work in Linux MInt Kde 17.2. The driver never get installed. It reboot in graphic mode but, it is in between chairs.

  4. Hi. Where do you implement the command "sudo sh ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-*"? I could not execute it in a Terminal?

    NVidia's installation instructions states, "Before you begin the installation, exit the X server and terminate all OpenGL applications (note that it is possible that some OpenGL applications persist even after the X server has stopped). You should also set the default run level on your system such that it will boot to a VGA console, and not directly to X. Doing so will make it easier to recover if there is a problem during the installation process. " Can you advice me how to implement the above?

    1. There are so many threads in the Mint forum about how to install those drivers that it make your head spin. But here's a method which works for me : (from user Robim as per April 2014, all credits goes to him) *Replace 331.67 with the newest one from the Nvidia site.

      Download the Nvidia driver and move it to your “/home/user-name” directory. For example, we will use the driver package
      Rename it “”, so you don't have to type that long name later.

      Install the package “libc6-dev” by opening the Terminal and typing:
      >sudo apt-get install libc6-dev

      ** Note for this libc6 ; This may no be necessary anymore as it says it already have them but just in case.***

      Then type this command to create a file named “disable-nouveau.conf”:
      >gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/disable-nouveau.conf

      Add these two lines to the opened file:
      blacklist nouveau
      options nouveau modeset=0

      Save the file. In the Terminal type this command:
      >sudo update-initramfs -u


      Enter the virtual console tty1 by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1.
      Log in and type this command to stop the display manager:
      >sudo service mdm stop

      Sometimes you may now see a different screen. Just press Ctrl+Alt+F1 again.
      Then type:
      >sudo sh

      Ignore the message about the "pre-install script failed!" Always choose “yes” during the installation, and when it's finished type:
      >sudo service mdm start "

  5. Looks like this site refuse to post my answer so I am out of here.