Friday, 26 February 2021

Why eSports Game Developers Should Consider Linux

Linux has made great strides since its creation in the early ’90s. Smartphones, vehicles, home

appliances; you name it, this operating system boasts of numerous applications. Although Linux

is making headway in the eSports world, some developers are skeptical about this OS. Here’s

why you should create games on this platform.

1. Open-Source

Everyone can erase or modify Linux code for whatever purpose. This is unlike macOS and

Windows that encrypt their codes to prevent alteration. That means you’re paying to use the

program instead of purchasing it.

Ordinarily, open-source technologies have higher quality than closed-source options. Software

from numerous programmers around the globe is likely to perform better than one created by

a handful of developers.

Even a single developer’s open-source code is high quality. Chances are you’ll overlook style

when only you and your coworkers see the code. However, you’re keener if everyone can see

the code. Moreover, it’s easier to detect bugs since many developers review the code. 

2. Low Costs

One of the reasons why all licensed online casino brands work with a Linux operating system

today is the software’s reduced cost. First off, you don’t have to pay for Linux permits, thanks

to its General Public License. Zero permits translate to fewer compliance and monitoring issues.

Likewise, most distributions come as free downloadable files. Although paid Linux versions

exist, they’re cheaper than Windows alternatives. Linux also has lower hardware costs; seeing

open-source technologies are portable and contractible.

As such, Linux tasks consume lesser hardware power than Windows servers. This is unlike

closed-source alternatives that bundle unnecessary capabilities, forcing you to pay for features

you don’t need. The power advantage also means you can use older systems and achieve

similar results.

3. Helpful Community

You don’t have to hire specialists to solve your OS problems. The internet is packed with

tutorials and documentation projects for Linux programmers.

What’s more, users in various online communities are willing to offer support. Just search for

similar posts or ask a question and await other members’ responses.

These communities are also advertising opportunities for eSports developers. For instance, you

can get freelance gigs or a full-time job. On the other hand, gaming companies can spot

employees, partners, or clients. Recognition from other developers could land you free event

tickets, discounts, and proper infrastructure for future eSports projects.

4. Reliable

Apart from program installations, Windows requires a reboot for software upgrades and lagging

systems. But Linux doesn’t use registries or sluggish NTFS formats. Hence, you don’t have to

update the OS to improve its performance. Unless there are hardware issues, Linux can

accommodate several users without slowing down.

The operating system also remains efficient when a large download is ongoing or hard disk

space is running out. Furthermore, Linux supports the following internet giants:

● Facebook

● Google

● Twitter

● Amazon


Not forgetting its fast installation. You don’t need any prerequisites or hardware to run the OS.

5. Data Security

Though no OS is immune to software attacks, Linux has the edge over other operating systems.

For starters, its small market share makes it an unlikely target since hackers prefer software

with many users like Windows.

While the OS is easy to master, you need extra processes to execute malware. Linux users have

to save an attachment before completing it and might need permissions to open it. The

additional steps prevent internal user kill, a common security breach.

In most cases, cybercriminals spread viruses by convincing users to click on links. For example,

you may receive an email with the subject line, “Claim your cash prize here!” But it’s difficult to

open malicious files since many Linux users lack root access. Before any damage occurs, you

need to open the email, download the attachment, and provide executable permissions.

Customize Your eSports Game

You’ll enjoy developing and playing your game. Because it’s open-source, Linux lets you alter

the game’s interface. This means you can tweak the appearance to suit your preferences. For

example, you can change themes without special permissions.


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