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Invitation For Guest Posts!

Would you like to Write For Us and have your post(s) published on Your Own Linux? Are you a keen blogger who would like to share your valuable expertise to extended audience? Then, this is an invitation to you to Write For Us.

Before submitting your post for consideration, please note the following guidelines:

  • Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed and if it will benefit our readers, it is likely to be published.
  • Preference will be given to those who demonstrate a genuine interest in YourOwnLinux.com as a reader or follower. Submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” type feel will not be accepted. Likewise, submissions which appear to be strictly PR- or SEO-related will not be accepted.
  • Posts must be high-quality, original content (i.e. not published anywhere else online).
  • Please ensure that, your posts must contain at least 300 words.
  • Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading much easier.
  • You can email your submission in HTML format or as a Word or text document.
  • Please make a concerted effort to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Due to time constraints, submissions which require excessive editing cannot be accepted.
  • Make sure any links in your post are relevant and valid. Links deemed to be irrelevant to the main idea of your post will be removed without notice. Likewise, any non-working links will be removed without notice.
  • Include a short bio (50 words or less) at the end of your post. Feel free to include a link to your site. (You will get 2 'DoFollow' Backlinks and 1 link to your G+ Account)
  • YourOwnLinux does not offer monetary compensation for guest posts at this time.
Submissions that closely adhere to these guidelines are much more likely to be published!

Topics For Your Article!

  • Linux (Anything related to Linux)
  • Networking
  • Internet and PC Security
  • Android
  • Cloud Computing
  • Hadoop 
  • Tutorials and BASH Scripts (I just love them!)
If you would like to submit your guest post for review, please email it to root@yourownlinux.com with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

Please include the following:
  1. Your full name.
  2. Your URL (if applicable).
  3. Your post title.
  4. The body of your post.
  5. Attach any images you’d like to include separately.
  6. A short bio.
All the best and Happy Writing!


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